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Or you can call our adoption attorney:
Robin Fleischner at 1-212-362-6945
Before Valen, our family was touched by adoption with the addition of Rebecca’s goddaughter in 1999. She holds a special place in our hearts and is very excited that we are adopting a sibling for Valen. We are also members of a local adoptive parents organization so that we can continue to learn about the needs of adopted children.

The joy we experienced in adopting Valen makes us eager to welcome another adopted child! We believe that every child should know their birth story, and we have shared with Valen how we became a family from the very beginning. We are committed to helping all of our children understand adoption in a positive way and will wholeheartedly support our child’s choice to meet their birth family someday, if that is something they wish to do. We feel that our child can only benefit from knowing how many people love them.